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Technical translations, legal translations, translation API, neural machine translation engines

Why us?


Pangeanic carries out hundreds of translation projects not only into many languages, but also for language combinations that present a real translation challenge.

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You can send your content in different file formats. We’ll take care of extracting the content that needs to be translated.

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Perfect translations at the drop of a hat. Translation agency dedicated to top-quality translations.

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Use Cases

  • German machine translation engine worked wonders

    Pangeanic develops technologies to create machine translation engines. Machine translation can be used in several ways, but mostly as a tool that allows fast document translation, translation of big data, etc., when human quality is not required. This is a......
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  • Technical Translation Service Samsung Oil and Fat Corporation

    Pangeanic's translation services for Samsung UK (SOFC) represent one of the most relevant use cases. They included English translation services and Spanish translation services in the two combinations. The corporation needed to know all the facts and details for a large drinking water bid in Equatorial Guinea as well as a very reliable technical translation that would describe exactly the offer and all technological and operational advantages of the company in establishing a drinking water network for the city of Bata.
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  • Translation Services and Solutions for Sony Corporation

    Pangeanic's translation work for Sony Corporation spans several decades, and for several centers across the globe. As part of the B.I Corporation of Japan, Pangeanic was instrumental in the work leading to receiving several awards.
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Translation company

As a translation company, Pangeanic works on a “first-time-right” approach. With nearly 2 decades of experience in supplying translation services in more than 35 languages, we know what works in multilingual publication. Our translation company places great importance in having an initial quality translation from a professional translator. By carefully selecting the best translators, we obtain quality translations in a first draft. Our aim is to reduce revision and proof-reading time afterwards. As a result of our “quality at the source” philosophy, our translation company offers a leaner translation process which benefits you, the client saving you money and time. How? We use state-of-the-art translation memory technology, machine translation memory, publication APIs and translation management software to reduce inefficient processes. The best translators in the world, selected to use the most sophisticated translation technologies in a first-time-right approach. If the source material is of high quality from the beginning, we often go beyond the industry’s habitual Translate-Edit-Proofread model with a “first-time-right” approach. As a translation company, we are convinced that our “first-time-right” approach creates long-term value by placing focus on quality at the front-end with a proactive translation technology approach that minimizes inefficient, costly translation rework at later stages.



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    Sport translations enable sports companies and international federations to create accurate multilingual content

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