As reported by the Hindustan Times, one of the most important Indian newspapers, a Hindi Punjabi translation software has been developed by a faculty member from the Punjabi University. The machine translation software is the first of its kind between this language pair. The software is hosted at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) and the Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) of the Indian government.

The developers of the machine translation software are assistant professor at the MM Modi College Ajit Singh. He has been aided by the university’s Computer Science department.

Vishal Goyal, assistant professor at the department of Computer Science at the Punjabi University stated, ‘The software has been made available online on the servers of both Edinburgh University and the TDIL’. Accuracy of the system is said to rank at around 95% – this would make the system one of the best machine translation systems ever developed, although the Prof Goyal insists work remains to be done.

Punjabi University vice-chancellor Jaspal Singh congratulated the department and applauded faculty’s efforts in bringing international recognition to the institution.