What is the average translation speed?

There are several factors to take into account when it comes to calculating the average translation speed. Many translation buyers have the tendency to place the turnaround times for their translation projects along with the price tag and the degree of excellence at the top of their priority list. Our…

What are the most ancient languages in the world?

It’s not every day that a document written in one of the most ancient languages in the world is uncovered. This is what the famous Egyptian Museum of Cairo did in 2013 after a remarkable find in a cave at the port of Wadi al-Jarf near the Red Sea.

Transcreation: your way to cross-cultural marketing

Transcreation is increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing campaigns. It is part and parcel of the process of transcending language and culture barriers when it comes to marketing and advertising geared messages (such as a slogan). Advertisers who aim to communicate the purpose of a brand in a foreign…

Expert Hack for Learning Arabic

Last week we discussed a few reasons as to why learning Arabic can be a highly advantageous addition to your CV. Our article revolved around how learning Arabic can benefit you economically, professionally and even psychologically. This week we thought it is only fair to complement our previous work…

Arabic made easy: an overview of Arabic dialects

Don’t let the title fool you; Arabic can’t be made easy. But we can do our best to clear the air if you’re in a perplexed state of mind about the Arabic dialects you should learn. Or if you are searching for Arabic translation services, we can give a…

Arabic dialects: a close look at North African Arabic

Where is Maghrebi Arabic spoken? North African, Western or Maghrebi Arabic is a form of Arabic dialects spoken by the inhabitants of the North of Africa. The Maghreb region includes Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania and Western Sahara. The name “Maghreb” derives from the Arabic word “مغرب”, denoting “the place…

10 Myths about Translation

The world of translation is not always clearly understood by the average Joe who doesn’t request translations on a regular basis. Most of my friends don’t even know what I mean when I say I work in the translation industry. “Ah so you’re a translator!” is the usual response. I say “I’m not” and then they run out of ideas. What else would you do if you are working in the translation business?

Lost in Arabic Translation

Some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients on a daily basis are: "which Arabic dialects do you translate into?" "what is your translator's native Arabic dialect?" "can you handle Gulf Arabic dialects for this particular project?" Our clients targeting a specific Arabic country seek to hire an in-country translator who does not only have a perfect command of Arabic, but is also aware of the lexical and cultural nuances.

12 tips for translators to provide quality translations

The best translation agencies require quality translations at the source to run efficient translation processes. This means reducing checking time after the delivery of a translation in which, for example, instructions have been ignored. These are 12 basic tips for translations to offer quality translations at the source.