Pangeanic is a leading provider of professional English translation services. Pangeanic has a proven track record of providing clients with a high quality professional translation service both into American English or British English fast, efficiently and at competitive rates. We specialize particularly in high-volume and complex professional English translations, resulting in faster turnaround times and more competitive rates. Ask Pangeanic to translate your website into English, your applications or to translate your legal or technical documents for the international markets. Find our more about SEO services if you plan a long-term strategy in English to grow your business globally.

Since 1997, Pangeanic is a unique position to offer unmatched professional English translation services. Many of our native English translators have spent time at Pangeanic and are very familiar with the latest translation technologies and terminology management to make your English translation project a success. We have helped law firms, research centers and SMEs to internationalize their services and products and deal internationally. We have also worked for large multinational corporations drafting and proof-reading their English versions. Our Tokyo office has provided the Japanese electronics industry with English technical writing services for over 20 years.  Pangeanic will provide years of experience in professional English translations to your organization.

Professional English Translation Services

English is one of the universal languages, but it is divided into two major standards: United States and the United Kingdom. Spelling varies notably between them. Hong Kong and India, for example, follow British English spelling and even accent on TV news. Pangeanic is a reliable solution if you require fast, accurate and reliable professional English translation services at competitive prices for either American English or British English. We can also localize English translations for other English speaking countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Ireland.

Fluent communication and regular publication in English language is a core need for every business looking to be successful globally in the 21st century. Professional and direct communication in English translations is more important than ever. The quality of the English translations you provide reflects directly on the professionalism of your business. Trust on Pangeanic’s experience as a leading translation company providing professional English translations to have the best English translations whilst you concentrate on what you do best and develop your business.

Specialist English Translations

These are some of the specialist fields we have successfully applied our teams of native, professional English translators with relevant knowledge and experience.

Business Documentation Consumer products Consumer electronics Financial translations  Government Institutional translations
IT Legal Literature Marketing Media Medical
Sales brochures Software Technical Telecom Tenders Travel


English Translation into Other Languages

Pangeanic offers an unrivaled English translation service. However, we also are frequently requested to translate documents in English and offer Spanish translation services, French translation services, German translation services, Italian translation services, or to translate into Japanese, Korean or do Chinese translation, using native, experienced, industry-specific translators.  Our multilingual translation service is trusted by major brands in the world. See our translation Use Cases section.

Expert English Translation Teams

Pangeanic’s human resources have selected expert, native British translators and American translators with experience in different verticals and with extensive experience working into American English and British English. We endevour constantly to select the best linguists and fit our translation technologies and their knowledge as English translators to your specific project.

The service performed by our team of professional American English or British English translators includes

  • Document Translation
  • Revision (editing)
  • Proofreading by independent experts at no additional charge.

Our translation service holds certification after independent audit by EQA according to European Translation Standard EN15038 and ISO9001,

Our teams of expert American English translators and British English translators also offer English editing and English proofreading for translations done by yourself or by another source.

Target English Language

Are you translating for the US market or for the United Kingdom? Do you need general translations for Europe or for Hong Kong and China? Australia and New Zealand? Canada? Just like Spanish, Portuguese or French, English contains many different dialects in different parts of the world.

Pangeanic’s English translation teams can adapt your documents according to the needs of the target market or target readers. Remember the type of English found in both sides of the Atlantic varies a lot in terms of spelling, accent and expressions. Bear in mind always which is your target English audience or check with our representatives to publish in a “worldwide English”.