Trust Pangeanic when you need a professional Arabic translation service. Our expert Arabic Translation Services provide a unique combination of cutting-edge translation technology and in-depth expertise accumulated over many successful projects. Each of our Arabic translators specialises in a particular field to offer the best technical Arabic translations, legal Arabic translations, financial Arabic translations, marketing Arabic translations, medical Arabic translations, etc.


English to Arabic translations

Pangeanic offers a full Arabic translation service with translations from English into Arabic and translations from Arabic into English and more than 50 language pairs. Our experienced Arabic translation service consists of a team of expert Arabic translators with a deep knowledge of the best translation tools. Tens of thousands of pages have been published by Pangeanic into Arabic in the last 10 years.

Each Pangeanic translator specialises in a different field such as technical translations into Arabic, medical translations into Arabic, consumer electronics translations into Arabic, financial translations into Arabic, etc.

Moreover, for large content, you can rely on Pangeanic’s saving schemes: we can build specialist machine translation engines to save you translation costs and also link the engines if required to your CMS using our powerful translation API. We were the first translation company in the world to make use of EU research “Moses” in a commercial setting. Hundreds of clients benefit nowadays: fast translation processes to translate tweets, blogs, SNS content for further processing (sentiment analysis companies, for example).

EN15038 Quality-Assured Arabic translations

Pangeanic guarantees

  • your Arabic translations will be delivered to you in the format you need – and we will advise you on the best Arabic publication strategies;
  • you will not pay twice for a sentence you have already translated into Arabic
  • that we will work to save you time with the help of our powerful filters and translation technology;
  • you will receive a ready-for-press, accurate Arabic translation;
  • you will not need to proof-read, check or revise again any of our Arabic translations.

As a European Translation Standard certified company, Pangeanic offers full transparency and traceability in all its processes and Arabic Translations. We do not cut down on quality, we cut down on process times: it doesn’t matter if you just need one page translated into Arabic or 500 marketing brochures – every translation project is paid the most care and you will always receive consistent, high quality Arabic translations.

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services

Review of Pangeanic's translation service
We ask our clients to provide feedback on our services and how well we have served them. Trustpilot is an independent review company that gathers feedback from users. 8,6 is not bad, we want all our clients to receive the best translation service possible!

Arabic to English translation services

Only a professional English-speaking translator selected and approved by Pangeanic whose native language is English and is fluent in Arabic can perform Arabic to English translations for us. They usually live in an English-speaking country and have studied Arabic in North Africa, countries of the Persian Gulf, the Arabic Peninsula, etc. Our English-to-Arabic translators only translate materials with which they have prior, demonstrable experience.

Arabic Translation Formats

Our Arabic translation team consists of many experienced document translators. To become a translator for Pangeanic, linguists must show professional qualifications and relevant skills handling formats and of course translation experience. Our engineering and desktop publishing team, as well as many of our Arabic translators specialise in translating different types of documents. Pangeanic can handle many final formats, from Microsoft Office(TM) to Adobe’s InDesign(TM) into Arabic or FrameMaker, all xml-based formats, and .po for software localisation. Some of our Use Cases for clients and for large translation departments or larger translation companies describe professional publication (desktop publishing) and finishing in PDF, for example.

You can professionally translate a website into Arabic. Pangeanic will count the words in your website and extract the text to deliver a bilingual version or convert and host the website, even detecting updates and offering you a Arabic translation as soon as new content is made available. Investing in translating your products and services to show a Arabic translation of your website is a highly cost-effective investment. Translation will soon pay for itself – it is an easy way to expand your business!

Translation Fields

From translating a birth certificate or a death certificate, a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, translating a diploma, to more professional translation services, business proposals in Arabic, user manuals in Arabic or any other document in Arabic you may need translated.

These are some of the industries in which we have special translation expertise into Arabic:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, etc)
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Non-Profits, NGOs and Associations
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Government
  • Professional Electronics
  • Consumer Products and Retail
  • Hospitality, Travel, Tourism Software
  • Economics
  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Energy and Power generation
  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical
  • Tenders, Bids, Proposals

A specialist service is multilingual search engine optimisation: we will check the best keywords into Arabic for each of your web pages and localise the content so it is not just a translation but it is written using the best keywords for the Arabic market.

Dangers of a bad translation

We have all heard and seen examples of poor translation work. You are in safe hands at Pangeanic: our job is to ensure that no poor quality work affects your company image. Our motto at Pangeanic is that “Quality is never expensive, lack of quality always is”. We have the tools and the technology to offer competitive translation rates and a fast translation service. The dangers of not using reliable translators or a professional translation service when translating into Arabic are that there will be:

  • An increase in the total cost of trials due to bad Arabic translations.
  • Delays in marketing and launching to the Arabic-speaking countries.
  • Unintelligible, unusable translations or poorly translated material may lead you to lawsuits or rejection of your product in Arabic markets by local regulators.
  • Loss of reputation and bad image in the Arabic-speaking market.
  • And of course, you may end up needing to translate again the existing material.

Are you looking for expert machine translation technology in Arabic? Visit PangeaMT website to find out how to clean your data, build customised engines and own a private machine translation environment

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