CPhI Madrid far exceeded our expectations this year. Pangeanic is usually in attendance at the most renowned pharma exhibitions around the world, so it was a real treat to have one in our backyard in Spain where our HQ is located.

The expo promised to be more exciting than ever with the newly launched BioLive alongside the new dedicated biopharma event. Pangeanic is known as the “go-to company” for pharmaceutical translation services, which meant we had to get down there to meet our clients who rolled into town. As the photo below shows, we were greeted with the usual glorious blue skies of Madrid.CPhI Madrid

As many of you will know, it was a particularly successful year for the industry. We have seen a truly stellar performance from the R & D communities with a record of 46 FDA approvals in 2017!! If that wasn’t impressive enough, there are more products in development than anyCPhI Madrid other time in history – with 15K products in the pipeline! It is a good time to be alive, some even going as far as calling it the “golden age” of pharma innovation.

That being said, innovation goes further than just new therapies, and we have seen huge leaps in terms of process improvements and among others we can mention advances in chemistry, 3D printers and of course AI – an area where Pangeanic is seeing fantastic results. All this is, of course, reducing costs and increasing patient access abilities.

It was reported that CPhI Madrid welcomed over 45K attendees with over 2500 exhibitors! That is all very impressive but what really matters to us are the relationships that were nurtured at CPhI with our usual clients, not to mention the opportunity to establish exciting new partnerships.

Some of Pangeanic’s main highlights at the CPhI Madrid:

  1. Pharma Insight Briefings

Getting some interesting insights from some of pharma’s top decision-makers about developing business strategies.

  1. Women in Leadership:

For the 5th year running, this exciting forum took place on day 2. This year the focus was on nurturing the next generation of women executives in pharma.

  1. Innovation Gallery:

This gallery at the CPhI Madrid meeting was a showcase for some of CPhI’s most exciting new products. This was free for all visitors which was a very nice touch from the organizers. Next generation in innovation was truly amazing!

  1. The Discovery Lounge:

As the name suggests, the discovery lounge was an environment where discussions took place to try to understand where the pharma industry is heading. Moreover, we took the opportunity to receive extensive industry reports on current biopharmaceutical markets with a special focus on our local Spanish pharma market.

The only unfortunate part of it all was the fact that the event was only 3 days long! Luckily the next show is just around the corner. See you all in Frankfurt next month for CPHI WORLDWIDE 2019. Get in touch to book a meeting with one of the team members to discuss a translation strategy!