Pangeanic’s “new researchers program“, designed to lead its new generation of Natural Language Processing products and services in a digital economy increasingly concerned with data security, management, privacy and anonymization has obtained a grant from the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) to execute the project “Research on new neuronal strategies and artificial intelligence for the language industry” by the researcher Mercedes García-Martínez.

The New Researchers Program

Pangeanic has executed this new researchers program with the financial support of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) after it was selected through its Innovation Program and via the Agency’s Talent Promotion Program (new researchers program). This new researchers program leads to financial support and supports the arrival of talent and technologists for innovation projects at companies located in the Valencia area. According to the bases of the Call, the objective of this Action is to encourage the recruitment of new researchers and technologists to develop R&D projects or carry out the implementation of technologies related to the new digital economy in Valencian companies, or develop projects that facilitate the consolidation of new innovative companies.

Valencian Innovation Agency

The main objective of this project is the research of new and innovative neuronal strategies and artificial intelligence for the language industry hybridized with different statistical techniques for the improvement of Natural Language Processing, supporting the various areas of research and development in which the company is immersed, such as national research program CDTI “NEURONAL AUTOMATIC TRANSLATION PLATFORM” (file number IDI-20170964).

In particular, three objectives are addressed:

    1. automate the translation process of documents with neural systems and customization of translation engines,
    2. research and application of summary tasks, i.e. abstract making, of very extensive documents mainly in the legal domain and
    3. Sentiment analysis in documentation and feeds to analyze the opinion in documents by the public/audience focused on information for marketing strategies analyzing the needs of the market in each particular case.
Mercedes García-Martínez
Mercedes García-Martínez, part of Pangeanic’s new researcher program

This new researchers program action is part of Pangeanic’s R+D+i Plan that shapes the creation of a global language processing platform that will deliver several improvements:

  • Translate and process large volumes of multi-format documentation (processable xml, images) with high compression quality (near-human translation quality).
  • Summarize large volumes of documentation for user information processing / evaluation and decision making.
  • Combine the first two options by translating and summarizing information from several languages into a single piece of structured information.
  • Sentiment analysis in single texts or in combination with the three previous options.
  • Platform with parallel data storage systems with corpus statistics in order to generate neural engines with selection of specific domain data.

File: INNTAL21/18/012
Programme/Line of Action: Promotion of talent: new researchers program
Project Title: Research of New Neuronal Strategies and Artificial Intelligence for the Language Industry
GRANT AWARDED: €12,325.62