the title The PangeaMT Platform: User-Empowering and Data-Driven, In-Domain Machine TranslationManuel Herranz and Elia Yuste, Pangeanic’s managing director and business development manager respectively, will co-present a webinar focused on the PangeaMT technology for the international audience of GALA.

The prestigious association GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) offers a webinar series, usually lasting 60 minutes, with the spotlight in topics which are of maximum interest to the global translation service industry. These webinars are attended remotely by owners of translation agencies to localization directors of big organizations representing leading verticals of the global economy.

Pangeanic will sponsor this webinar in which, after a quick introduction about Pangeanic‘s corporate history and the milestones of PangeaMT as an innovative translation automation technology, we will focus on the functionalities and sections of the platform that are unique in our industry. As per the modus operandi of Pangeanic‘s R&D division whenever a client asks us to create a (number of) custom engines, once the initial stage of bilingual data consultancy and fully tailored engine customization takes place, the custom engines are made available to the client in this platform. From that point onwards, the user stays in full control over their data and engines that are classified by domains (specialized knowledge areas, or even product or business lines, if we think of a big organization) and language pairs, can manage the engine training (updating) on their own and find out all admin and qualititative info relating to the engines. This all represents an advanced solution against other machine translation offerings out there, whereby the user keeps on depending on the translation software provider to do anything that goes beyond the actual operation of requesting a machine translation.
The webinar will finish off with an attractive commercial offer for the registered participants, namely, a free consulting and custom engine piloting phase durign the months of October and November 2013.