Language Business Innovation – Shared Opportunities
Governor Hotel, Portland (OR), USA / October 3 – 6, 2010

Moving on with MT: Building open-source MT with your vendor and serving it

Salomé López-Lavado (Sony Europe) and Elia Yuste (Pangeanic/PangeaMT) presented a case study demonstrating the best practices of a long-term collaboration between Sony and Pangeanic, using TAUS Data Association data, which highlighted the benefits of PangeaMT as a domain-/client-specific MT solution range, its open-standard approach and the necessary scalability and ease-of-use of the web-based interface as required by Sony.
The presentation recording can be seen below.

This use case was part of the Moses Case Study Series. All speakers of these carefully selected presentations took part in a final Moses Use Case and Panel Discussion, led by Jaap Van der Meer, TAUS Director. This highly interactive discussion was recorded and can be checked out here as well.

Salomé López-Lavado, Sony Europe’s Translation Department Manager stated: “Since we began working with Pangeanic’s translation service, they have become a trusted translation vendor. We have started a collaboration in machine translation customization using our own translation memories and data. Pangeanic has cleaned, selected data prone for machine translation and, after several experiments, they have produced state-of-the-art engines to pre-translate documents. We also have a translation panel available (similar to Google Translate) to query sentence, word or on-the-fly translations.

PangeaMT Sony EuropeWe have primarily working from English, and PangeaMT pre-translate into French, Italian, Spanish and German.

The difficulty in creating our machine translation engines stems from the use of our very specific terminology which could not be mixed with other data. We also directed Pangeanic to develop engines which contained a large number of marketing documents – as we translate a lot of outbound documentation. Pangeanic harvested data within the domain to increase every engine’s performance.

We would strongly recommend working with Pangeanic engines. The company is flexible in their approach to machine translation customization and has proved itself capable of building an MT service, maintaining a SLA and provide excellent results.”