Pangeanic’s CEO Manuel Herranz will take part in Japan’s largest LSP exhibition in Tokyo on Tuesday 29th November, the 21st Japan Translation festival at 15:15.

Manuel will be presenting at JTF on Tuesday 29th about the application of machine translation technologies in EU languages for localization and also our new development for EN –> JP. This is geared for LSPs and corporations which need to deal with sensitive data and create and maintain their own MT technologies in-house. With more and more security breaches, having the ability to offer not only TM but also machine translation pre-translation in-house and a post-editing environment is increasingly becoming a must for many companies which deal with sensitive data.

The exhibition will take place in 4-2-25, Kudan-Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Machine translation has been applied very successfully for many EU languages at Pangeanic and within specific fields. We build engines for particular domains like automotive, bio/medicine and of course electronics. Basically any field which has a “controlled input”  is ideal for automation. What is more, our latest offering the famous “DIY SMT” provides the ability to re-train engines and create new domains in-house, with no data transfer. This gives full ownership and control to LSPs and corporations alike.

This year’s presentation follows Pangeanic’s first introduction of SMT techniques for LSPs in 2010 (pictures below) explaining
the benefits of SMT for
the localization industry at BIJ –
Pangeanic’s booth’s Manuel and
BIJ’s Christina at the booth’s Iwanaga-san at JTF