Following the success of last year’s conference in Prague, the 21st annual conference organized by EAMT (European Association for Machine Translation) will be held in Alicante from May 28th to May 30th. Developers, researchers, professional translators, and anyone interested in the vision of a world of information will attend this event, with the goal of making language barriers and problems less visible to the end consumer.

What is EAMT?

EAMT is an organization that serves the growing community of people interested in machine translation and translation tools, including users, developers, and researchers of this increasingly viable technology. It is worth mentioning that Pangeanic is one of its members.

Therefore, Pangeanic, a translation company dedicated to machine translation and also researching new techniques in this area, will be one of the sponsors of this symposium. In addition, both our CEO and two of our colleagues will come to learn about all the new developments that both the speakers and the attendees will share.

It is worth mentioning that on March 12th the second call for papers was opened, and the accepted papers will be published in an electronic book with an ISBN number. There are four categories from which applicants may submit their work:

  • Research papers: these should describe the original work by putting emphasis on the task completed at the intended place of work, and shall clearly indicate the completion status of the reported results.
  • User studies: these documents will have to highlight both problems as solutions, in addition to describing the process of integrating machine translation.
  • Project/Product description: these are tools for machine translation, computer-aided translation, and research projects related to machine translation.
  • Translators’ track: these will be abstract presentations where professional translators will report on their experience in machine translation.

The conference will begin with a talk by Sharon O´Brien (Dublin City University) on “Human-centred translation technology”.

There will also be a special session for translators on Wednesday 30th, where translators will share their experience ending with a roundtable discussion on machine translation, which will include translators, researchers, developers and companies that use machine translation.

Finally, the “EAMT Best Thesis Award 2018” will be held for theses submitted during 2017, including a presentation of the awardee.

We look forward to seeing you next May 28th in Alicante!