Professional translations to find out multilingual social media information and create multilingual content

Pangeanic, as a professional translation and language technology service company, has been invited to participate in FORINVEST within the framework of the Valencian Global program. The company will present its technological platform for mutlilingual translations before a select group of investors.

The axis of communication proposed will focus on how translations can help increase business globally generating content in other languages.

Translations but not in the traditional way: the translation of content is today becoming a generator of

  1. knowledge
  2. traffic and thus
  3. opportunities in the network

How? Through multilingual communication: thanks to automatic translation we can yield information results for intelligence and sentiment analysis about social media in other languages, acceleration of multilingual publication processes in other languages through specialized translation engines (technical/engineering, medical devices, documentation), through powerful APIs that facilitate the generation of more web pages in other languages and therefore more input links enhancing inbound marketing, etc.

Contact Pangeanic to find out more about the uses of automatic translation to increase business revenue internationally.