This one is definitely for the brave amongst us; a 774Km race from Madrid to Lisbon, by bicycle, so not your typical Sunday ride around the park!!

On the 25th – 27th of September, Pangeanic will be sponsoring tough guy brothers David and Angel Lara on their quest to complete this race with only toilet and emergency breaks allowed. No naps or relaxing cups of tea allowed either. Rather them than us we say! Pangeanic translation services was approached by the brothers for sponsorship due to our social activity in the Valencian community.

We were of course delighted to be able to contribute to their success. We at Pangeanic pride ourselves on getting involved in the local communities where we are present. We consider that supporting social activities is a corporate must, because business is a subset of society and it exerts a significant impact on it. Therefore, there is a responsibility to support our society and make the world a better place. Since society asks no more and no less of any of its members, businesses cannot be exempt from such responsibility. As we are working to help the world communicate and understand better, we feel it is our duty, even in a small scale, to help.

If you are thinking of getting into shape and you live in the Valencia area, get in touch with David who will be able to help: David Lara Even our CEO Manuel Herranz has braved several boot camps with David and he can highly recommend it! So all of us at Pangeanic would like to wish LARA TEAM PANGEANIC all the best for this extreme test of endurance. We will write again once they complete their epic journey with an update on their conquest.