Manuel Herranz, our CEO, will give a talk organized by the association Elia. This time it will be at the Together event, which will take place next 22nd and 23rd February in Athens.

Together at ELIAUnder the motto “Specialize to Excel”, the aim of this third edition will be to bring together various companies from the translation sector in order to strengthen the industry within a collaborative, positive and multicultural setting. Several specialists will therefore debate about developments, technology and specialization.
As an expert in the translation industry, Manuel will give a talk on disintermediation, automation, centralization, machine translation tools and the future of translation companies. Focusing on how the use of machine translation technology is producing a change in outlook and in the post-editing translation service model, he will analyze the following issues:

  • At a time when there are businesses such as Cabify, Uber, Airbnb and low-cost airline companies, is disintermediation a role model for translation companies?
  • Can technology, workflows and machine translation tools replace Project Managers?
  • What can we learn from models such as Uber and Airbnb?
  • Will translation companies become human resource experts?
  • What is the iADAATPA project and how can it improve machine translation use by European Public Administrations? How will it affect national translation contracts? How can the industry benefit from it¿

Furthermore, he will also analyze the importance of international SEO as a source of revenue.