Manuel Herranz


Manuel Herranz is a double graduate in Hispanic and English from Manchester University. A mechanical engineer at a quality assurance department in the early 1990s, he combined engineering and linguistics to start a career as a language consultant for engineering firms in the United Kingdom. This period included the delivery of engineering training courses at Ford’s Valencia plant, Giddings & Lewis/ThyssenKrupp in Liverpool and Rolls Royce Industrial and Marine in Spain and Argentina, as well as spells as a voice-over artist for the BBC and Granada TV.

His UK-based consultancy firm merged with the BI Corporation Japan in 1997 and he became the European partner and technical director at the subsidiary BI Europe. After relocating to Spain in late 2000 and after a friendly buy-out, Manuel re-launched the European brand in 2005 as Pangeanic, specialising in multilingual localisation and publishing.

Manuel directed ISO 9001, EN15038 qualification, which permeate company culture. He was also responsible for the implementation of rule-based machine translation for patent work jobs.

A firm believer in language automation, Pangeanic soon became a founding member of TAUS and its data-sharing platform TDA, which was used for the initial statistical machine translation approaches to localisation and faster translation workflows.

Since 2007, he has directed research and development for customised statistical machine translation deployments in-house and he is a frequent speaker at industry events and translation conferences. Now fully committed to the spin-off, Manuel uses the Pangeanic experience to design the most independent, open standard implementations of Moses customisations available and has built several integration modules around the open-source tool and hybrid features. His dream that any translation user could enjoy an affordable, open-standards machine translation tool with self-training and self-updating routines integrated in the company’s workflow was realised with the launch of PangeaMT’s DIY features in 2011. His current work focuses on machine translation applied to semantic and the multilingual web.