Pangeanic is a professional UK translation company offering a reliable, fast document translation service in the technical, engineering, legal, software and many other fields with professional language results. As a translation company, Pangeanic provides specialised technical translation and specialised translation services with a team of in-house linguists and freelance expert linguists to guarantee excellent results in your:

Why choose Pangeanic Translations?

Pangeanic offers tailored, flexible solutions with your needs in mind. Whether you need multilingual creative marketing literature such as transcreation, financial documentation, medical tests and healthcare translation, pre-release software checks, user manuals or technical documentation, Pangeanic will offer years of translation experience and implement a tested workflow, making use of the best professionals in the field – we want you to be heard, read and understood across the world.

Competitive Prices

We will provide the best translations at the most competitive price – and no surprises! We keep surprises for Christmas and in a box! Pangeanic will never “quote you down”, then inflate find any extras to add to the bill.

With Pangeanic, you will get translations at competitive prices including a full wordcount breakdown, desktop publishing if required, proofreading and all costs. You will see exactly what you are getting for your money.


Famously Fast Pangeanic Translations

Late is not a word we use at Pangeanic. We know that time is money. Translations will be supplied at the fastest turnaround possible from initial quote – and that is translation and proofreading. Why? Speed is in our blood. We have learnt to be translators with the best companies and we are externally audited twice a year on timeless and traceability. Typically, we will finish the translations and deliver them before the due date.

Quality Translations

But not only you require a fast translation service, you need a perfect translation service. And this can only happen when you gather the best translators around you and they want to work for you.  Surely every translation company says they are good. But our CLIENTS provide TESTIMONIALS.

We will assign an experienced, dedicated Pangeanic Project Manager to see all your instructions and needs are met and the work is delivered on time after proofreading and in the format you need. Pangeanic is a European Translation Standard EN15038 approved company. This may not mean much to users, but years ago “every translation company was good”. Nowadays, being externally audited means that translation companies have to comply with rules, metrics and deliveries in order to be certified.


Translation Technology

Pangeanic offers machine translation services through its separate division, servicing companies and corporations seeking to apply translation automation to speed up translation, for example by translating user comments or feedback. Our MT division can build customised translation engines taking your terminology and previously translated material to reduce costs and save you translation and publication time.