We have published our website in different languages and keep expanding it with further translations. Translations help our services be better known and found when people search for translation services in other languages. We provide timely information so that key markets can make use of translation services to help their products, services and websites in different languages be found, too. Each of our websites offers a local point of contact and  relevant information to the users in Japan, China, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, India, etc.

Website Language Description
www.pangeanic.com English Pangeanic’s international website in English offering corporate information and a great deal of knowledge about translation services.
www.pangeanic.jp Japanese Pangeanic’s Japanese website with specific information for Japanese companies, users and Japanese industry.
www.pangeanic.cn Chinese Pangeanic’sChinese website with specific information for Chinese users of translation services, Chinese exporting companies, Chinese users, etc.
www.pangeanic-translations.us English Our US website
www.pangeanic.in English Our English-language website with relevant information for users in India, Indian companies, etc.
www.pangeanic.fr French Pangeanic’s French website offering specific information for French-speaking markets.
www.pangeanic.de German Our German website offers a great deal of information to German speakers, German companies and institutions.
www.pangeanic.es Spanish Pangeanic’s Spanish website offering specific information for Spanish speakers, Spanish exporting companies, institutions and individuals requiring translation services
www.pangeanic.co Spanish Pangeanic’s Spanish Colombian website offering specific information to Colombian companies seeking to enter European markets.

Pangeanic is a leading provider of translation services around the world. We will continue to publish our website in different languages following our marketing and sales strategy.  We have published our website in different languages in order to help users of translation services with information in their languages. As a world leader of translation services, our experience in one market helps users in other markets to use translation services as a marketing and sales tool.