As a professional translation company, Pangeanic uses technology that adjusts our workflow and offers you greater flexibility and speed in handling your translation assignments. Pangeanic is flexible and can introduce new steps to translation processes according to your needs, technology or publication strategy. With almost 20 years’ experience in translation project management, our translation company can advise you on best practices and efficient translation processes, working together to suit your quality and publication requirements.

Better translations via a standardized approach

Pangeanic Translations develops translation technology tools that reuse previously translated material so that future texts can benefit from work already done and approved. It also develops machine translation engines when translation speed is essential. For example, you may need a translation API for your e-commerce site or to translate user comments on the fly but not using general “Google” machine translation but engines that specialize in your field and that you can retrain with new material. A comprehensive set of Computer Assisted Tools is also available. These tools can help reduce clients’ overall translation costs, also improving translation accuracy and consistency across documents.

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