Pangeanic screens and pre-selects every single translator who applies and wants to work for us. So you only get expert translators in your field when you entrust our translation company. Moreover, Pangeanic has an in-house team of professional translators who specialize in several fields and verify you’re your work reads in the target language as if had been written originally in that language. And the chosen translation team remains with you over the duration of your translation project, sometimes becoming experts in your products, in your terminology over the years, learning and adapting to your requirements and maintaining consistent terminology and accuracy. This is a key advantage which adds to our state-of-the-art translation tools and terminology tools. And your style, your terminology, the way you publish is maintained across all current and future translations.

Our teams hardly rotate, and thanks to the terminology tools (databases) we soon become experts in your specific field of industry – and probably are already. Translation expertise and familiarity with best practices reduces unnecessary rework and time-consuming edits. By counting on the best translators counting on expert translators and having terminology and checking tools in place, our translation company helps you have an added value to your business, a multilingual approach in a world market.

Pangeanic’s project management team is composed of multilingual expert translation project managers who will coordinate every task and guide you on the best route to follow. Pangeanic will deliver your project error-proof, on time and on budget.