Every client of Pangeanic is assigned a specialist account manager who soon becomes familiar with the client’s needs. This translation project manager plans the resources which the client will require and selects the best translators for the project. The translation project manager may lead a team and be supported by one or more internal staff (depending on client needs, the size of the translation project and the target publishing needs). Regardless of volume, scope of work or languages awarded, Pangeanic always designates an Account Manager over the Translation Project Manager to look after the whole client relationship.

Added Value Skills: Localization and Desktop Publishing

Pangeanic offers a complete language solution which includes:

Translation, Localization, Website Translation, e-commerce translation, Machine Translation, Desktop Publishing, Voice-Over and Multimedia support.

Our specialist areas focus on: Technical and Software Translation, Automotive Translations, Linguistic & Functional Testing, Content Management, Centralized Terminology Management,
Translation Memory Management, etc. We make translations help your business grow.

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