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Website translations?

A website translation strategy is an easy and very efficient way to grow your authority on the Internet. Translation services will increase your visibility on the web. They will multiply the number of links from a reliable source and create a multilingual web presence covering languages, not countries, which has a direct impact in SERP results. Pangeanic’s website translation services are backed by hundred of successfully translated pages, in a way that only the best translation services can do. Contact Pangeanic to translate your website or plug in your CMS to our translation services if you need regular translation services. Reach an international audience with a quality multilingual website. We are your partner for your website translation project!

Technical translations? Medical Translations? Legal Translations?

No problem. Pangeanic is the translation service you can trust to translate your technical documents, a mandatory requirement in many industries and countries. Some of our expert translation areas are

  • Expert medical translation services
  • Marketing translation services when you need to convey more than just the words – for example when translating your sales brochures, logos, marketing documentation, etc.
  • Technical translation services
  • Translation technology solutions: plug in your eCommerce site to our machine translation services and update your online products, comments, etc., with your own terminology.
  • Use human-quality professional translation services to translate your documents when you need human translation services.

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More than 3,000 linguists

Expert translators for the best translation services

Translation technology for fast and cost-effective professional translation services

This is Pangeanic. If you are looking for professional translation services from one the best professional translation agencies in the world, you are in safe hands. We have delivered thousands of successful translation projects every year, since 1997. Pangeanic has built a reputation for serious work and quality translation services. And the best translators always want to work for Pangeanic because of our reputation as one of the best translation companies in the UK.

How do we ensure quality translation services?

There are two approaches to obtain quality translation services: technology and professional translators. Pangeanic is committed to excellence and providing and better services thanks to language automation, online ordering systems and a strong emphasis in the human component of language translation.

TEP Workflow

Translation -Editing -Proofreading Workflow

Moreover, Pangeanic undergoes regular quality audits to certify that we comply with ISO standards and the European Translation Standard EN15038. See below and our FAQ section for a complete list of processes, quality checks, translator tests and internal QA checks by our Project Managers before a project is delivered to you.

Our experience in translation services will save you time and money and accelerate your publication times in other languages. We are proud members of several international translation organizations like GALA and ELIA. Pangeanic is also one of TAUS founding members (the machine translation developers association) and its Translation Data Association. The company’s research efforts in the field of hybrid and statistical machine translation have led us to be members of several national and international research projects (EXPERT, EXPloiting Empirical appRoaches to Translation) on the optimization of the use of machine translation and developement of machine translation engines in several language pairs, with findings being reported as academic articles in several industry fora.

For example, PangeaMT was been mentioned in EU’s FP7 research project Euromatrixplus as “the first commercial LSP to apply Moses successfully”.

If you translate more than 100,000 words per year into a language (let’s say English to French translations), speak to any of our representatives to consider automating your translation workflows with our machine translation processes. A customized machine translation solution, will help you save time and money in translation costs. Our machine translation technology PangeaMT is different to the online machine translation services (generalists) that you may know. PangeaMT will use your own data and terminology for your own proprietary machine translation engines – and these engines will reflect your style, your company terminology, and no one else’s.

With offices in Spain, Japan and China, Pangeanic is the professional translation service you can trust for multilingual publication in many formats. Our motto is that “Quality is never expensive, but lack of quality will always be” – and we are here to make the translation process as easy and affordable as possible so you can be heard in any language. Contact our sales team to learn how translations can help your business.