Pangeanic offers a full legal translation service to British companies dealing with business and legal complexities in foreign languages: Fast Legal Translation Services, Standard Legal Translation Translation Services and Premium Legal Translation Translation Services.

Our legal translation team has provided certified legal translation services since 1997. A work is known for its reliability, speed and subject-area expertise, which have made Pangeanic a choice company for legal translations, translation of agreements, international contracts, bids, patents, international litigations, etc.


Translation service, quality check for information purposes
  • Fast translation service
  • Efficient translation service
  • Cost-effective – spend when you have to


Translation and proof for serious purposes
  • Corporate level, professional translation services
  • Quality legal translation services
  • ISO9001/EN15038 certified
  • Efficient translation service
  • Always keeping to budget


Read and summarize
  • An expert legal translator reads and summarizes the text and important elements
  • Cost-efficient translation service
  • Budget

Pangeanic has supplied certified legal translation services since 1997 for a variety of purposes:

  • Terms of engagement,
  • Financial Statements,
  • Company Accounts
  • Patent applications and patent information,
  • Expressions of interest, Request for Proprosals (RFPs) and tender conditions,
  • Contract negotiations,
  • Articles of association,
  • Property deeds,
  • Governement certificates,
  • Notarised certificates (marriage, birth, death, etc).
  • Proposals, tenders and contract awards.
  • Translation of proposals for international civil engineering / construction work.

Legal Document Translation Services

If you are proficient in the language you are translating into but you are not a native speaker, you can send us your translation and it will be proofread and certified by an expert legal translator and sent back to you. All sensitive material or translation where privacy is paramount can use our secure servers and fully encrypted client portal.

If you think “I need legal translation services” for an important bid, a proposal, if you have company accounts that need to be presented to an organisation as part of your registration process, or you need a reliable patent translation, you can trust Pangeanic to translate your legal documents into the language of your choice. We can also liase with lawyers, solicitors and obtain foreign information on the legal aspects you require.

legal translation services
Legal translation services

Do not forget that when you need legal translation or certified translation, you are looking for translation accuracy, attention to detail, familiarity with different legal systems, even a legal background when trusting the legalities of an important tender or contract to a translation company. We recommend using our Premium Translation Service if your documents are of utmost importance to you and our Standard Translation Service if you simply want to find out about some legalities or want to understand something. You will be surprised at the high quality of our Standard Translation Service and how many legal translations and documents can be translated within budget. Using the expertise of our translation agency, with a record of thousands of translated pages a month, our processes and databases are optimised for your benefit. You can profit from years of translation experience to obtain fast legal translation service that works. We use the latest translation technologies in order to translate and keep a record of your documents so you do not have to pay for any previously translated sentence ever again.

Machine Translation Services for Legal Translations

Machine translation is one of Pangeanic’s star services. Our award-winning machine translation technology PangeaMT has been used successfuly to produce millions of translated words and is part of EU research. It is available to you so you can obtain a quick translation of foreign patents or a foreign RFP into your language, for example in a completely private environment.

Machine translation can be particularly useful if you need to check certain aspects of current patents that have been granted by world patent offices (Chinese Patent Office, European Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, US Patent Office) or national patent offices. Pangeanic can create custom-built translation engines for your specific field and link our translation API to your processes in order to automate machine translations. Our machine translation guarantees that formatting will be respected and delivery will take place via our secure client portal with the highest security encryption when confidentiality is paramount.

Types of documents for our Legal Translation Service

Our legal translation services are complete and include recreating Microsoft Office(TM) files in Word, Excel or PowerPoint(TM) formats* among others. Even a legal background may be some of the few characteristics you look for when trusting the legalities of an important tender or contract to a translation company. We deal with any type of documents you may need to translate into a foreign language.

Areas of our legal translation expertise include documents such as:

Advertising and Marketing Banking and Finance Contracts and Bids
Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace Food and Agriculture Law and Litigation Support
Medical, Pharma and Health Patent, Technology Personal Legal Documents
Power Generation/Energy Industry Extractive Industries

Legal translation of different documents can include the following documents, manuals, contracts, etc. Thus, your legal document may also contain technical descriptions about your equipment or processes – a legal translation background would then not suffice and you will need our expert team for both fields.

  • Translation of Birth Certificates
  • Translation of Marriage Certificates
  • Translation of Divorce Decrees
  • Translation of High School Diplomas
  • Translation of Institute Diplomas
  • Translation of University Diplomas
  • Translation of Profession Certifications
  • Translation of Employment Forms
  • Translation of CVs/Resumes
  • Translation of Personal correspondence

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services

“You guys were amazing! So fast in such a difficult language combination”
Yelena Sigal, Q-Trials

“The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.”
Eisuke Seki, Alaya

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Dangers of Bad Legal Translation Services

Examples of poor translation work are easy to find on the Internet. But you are in safe hands with Pangeanic legal translation services! Our job is to ensure that no poor quality work affects your workflow.

Our motto at Pangeanic is that “Quality is never expensive, lack of quality always is”. We have the tools and the technology to offer competitive legal translation rates and fast legal translation services. The dangers of not using reliable legal translators or a unprofessional legal translation services can include:

  • An increase in the total cost of trials due to bad translation services.
  • Delays in legal procedures.
  • Unintelligible, unusable legal translations or poorly translated material which may lead you to lawsuits or rejection of your product in the market by local regulators.
  • Loss of reputation and bad image.
  • And of course, you may end up needing to translate again the material you already paid a translation for.

* Microsoft Office and its file formats Word, Excel and PowerPoint are registered marks of Microsoft Corporation.