Our proofreading services will review your existing translation in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese or any other language. Native speakers will read the original text and your translation and check for any errors or misunderstandings before publication.




Our proofreading services are flexible and will adapt to your needs. For example, you already have a translation because you or somebody in your organization are fluent in a languagea. Pangeanic’s proofreading services will ask you for your original text and your translation and check each sentence so the document translation is complete and sounds absolutely like a native speaker version of the language.

However, sometimes there is no original. A person has to write in a language that is not his or her native language. This is the case of

– letters and correspondence,
academic articles,
– news about a company,
– a website’s foreign version,
– bids and proposals, etc

In these cases, a non-native speaker (sometimes not a translator) is drafting the version and there is no original – it is a text written without any reference to a previous original.
In any of those cases, contact Pangeanic and ask for our proofreading services. Our translation and proofreading staff will always be happy to help you.