Are you looking for a professional translation service from one the best professional translation agencies in the world? Come to Pangeanic. A long list of satisfied clients since 1997 means that we know how to provide a quality translation service and we pride ourselves because we are one the best UK translation companies translators want to work for.

What do we offer? Professional translations, editing and proofreading services, terminology research and expert glossary management to ensure quality translations. For those seeking full publication services, Pangeanic also offers multilingual desktop publishing. And if you are looking to be heard in foreign languages on the Internet, website translation services can help you make traffic to your site grow exponentially. Indeed, our translation services will help you reach markets worldwide with multilingual websites optimised with keywords searched and researched by experts.

We are committed to excellence and providing new and better tools to automate translation services, but with a strong accent in the human component of language. We aim to automate whenever possible for large document translation, but if you are looking for quality Spanish translations, excellent French translations, accurate German translations, or to reach Asia thanks to Japanese translations or Chinese translations, Pangeanic will select the best translators for exceptional translation services.

But if you are looking for technical translation services, medical translation services or legal translation services, Pangeanic will prove its expertise in translation management. We have translation solution for every translation problem and our Project Managers understand your needs. Perhaps you need English to German translation services with a marketing and sales touch. Perhaps you need fast technical translations for which our award-winning machine translation services can create custom-built machine translation engines to pre-translate your documents, data or content using your own vocabulary and expressions. This is essential if you need to process thousands of lines every day to extract sentiment analysis, when you need to translate a tender or bid or you need to translate legal documents to quickly to have an idea of what the text says. Call us to find out more on how to integrate our APIs and COR translation service technology to your Content Management Service.

Pangeanic began operations with its current brand in 2004 as an independent company offering  professional translation services after a management buy-out. B.I Europe had been UK translation company of a Japanese group since 1997. Pangeanic became a brand, a new professional translation company that provides sophisticated translation technologies and translation solutions. Our experience in translation services will save you time and money and accelerate your publication times in other languages. We are proud members of several international translation organizations like GALA and ELIA. Pangeanic is also one of TAUS founding members (the machine translation developers association) and its Translation Data Association.

Pangeanic’s research efforts in the field of directly-applied statistical machine translation for translation companies and development of interfaces filters and enhancements on Moses for the translation industry and general users have been reported in many industry forums and academic articles. PangeaMT has been mentioned in EU-sponsored project Euromatrixplus as “the first commercial LSP to apply Moses successfully”. We are committed to excellence in translation services. Translation can offer new insights and business intelligence from foreign markets and machine translation technologies can help you to translate Big Data. You need professional translation services to launch products, services, translate apps and maintain a presence in foreign markets, but also you need to monitor and understand what is happening in other markets, in other languages. You need efficient, seamless multilingual publishing translation services which can also offer customized translation technology to translate Big Data to monitor what’s being said about you in social media. That is our goal: we want to become your translation service of choice because we want to provide more than translations. Pangeanic invests heavily in the development, acquisition and integration of innovative translation tools to offer our clients new, disruptive, more sophisticated processes in translation services. It is part of our company policy to be part of the best EU research in language automation.  For example, our tools utilize material that has been translated previously in bilingual TMX format in order to create databases and retrieve previous translations. Even parts of a sentence can be retrieved so you never have to pay for previously translated phrases. These alignments are the source material to create customized machine translation systems with your own terminology and style, for technical translations and even for marketing – unlike generally available online free machine translation.

This means that if you need to translate around 100,000 words in a particular language combination (for example translation services English into Spanish), you should consider any of our machine translation processes. Implement custom machine translation solutions, hosted at our end or in your servers for added security and you will translate faster and save time and money. PangeaMT, our proprietary machine translation system will use your own data and terminology for your own proprietary machine translation engines, it will prioritize it over other data should you not have enough and apply specialist natural language processing techniques so your machine translation engines will reflect your own style, your own company terminology, like no other. The system is different to generalist, online machine translation systems: PangeaMT can be installed as a stand-alone solution to translate files or work as an in-house translator for you via built-in APIs and connect to your Content Management System (CMS). Pangeanic will provide features and establish a technology transfer program so you can re-train your engines by yourself, incrementally, with future translations. The system is also available as SaaS. This technology is available to industry partners and is also in use by other partner translation companies. Whether you are a heavy user of translation services in need of terminology standardization, you need to use old material with computer-assisted translation tools or are thinking of investing in a customized machine-translation tool to speed processes with post-editing, a Pangeanic specialist will help you decide the best solution to your particular circumstances.

Thanks to our flexible systems, you can confidently migrate from your current translation service or start a new translation service without any further compromise. Pangeanic will also provide a custom translation services portal where you will be able to add your data, check jobs and progress, even see how much money you have spent on translation per language, per month. A whole environment and reporting system – business intelligence based on award-winning XTRF where professional translation services aid your business to develop and you can analyze and report ROI on every translation.